Got Lots of Cocor Bebek Here!

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December 3, 2013 by Ain Nisa

This is also a plant i got from Lembang, Bandung, when visited Little Farmer site. At first, i don’t realize it was the famous cocor bebek or Kallanchoe Pinnata, i was just attracted to how unique the leaves are. The plant was about 1 meter high. Then a guide told me what it was, and pick two big leaves for me to grow at home. “Just put it on the soil and it will grow itself.” so she said. Oh how i love resilient plants!
At first i thought it won’t make it, since i had already put it on soil for 2 weeks and nothing happened. But days after, there were tiny leaves emerged from sides of the big dry (well it has been2 weeks, no wonder it dried) leave i get from Bandung. Maybe it needs more time to adjust.
Since then, i got groups of cocor bebek in my garden. They are like, one strong headed lady that survive anywhere and i see them growing even in a place where i didn’t originally planted them! Ok, now you’re being invasive Kally!
Earlier today, i put one young Kally (shorty for Kallanchoe) in a polybag, so she can grow bigger, just like the one i saw at Lembang. On my front yard, i grow tiny Kally below Adenium, just as eye candy, and at the backyard, i put them on containers. Looks like i have to move them one of these days, since they are growing fast!
Originated from Madagascar, Cocor Bebek often used as natural medication for high fever, ear infection, stomachache, and so on. This is a link to detailed recipe how to use it. I haven’t use it as medical help though, but maybe i would try someday.
There’s just one thing i have always curious about, what exactly part of this plant that look like a duck?



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