Finally Revealed Where to Put Episcia

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December 3, 2013 by Ain Nisa

If anyone, plant seller perhaps, telling you that this species can be put anywhere, they’re lying, or they’re just plain wrong.
i had experienced with plant sellers telling that plants i’ve been eyeing upon can be placed in direct sunlight, or even in shady spot. i just hate these kinds of bluff and selling tricks. i would definitely comeback to a trusted gardener, who tells whether plant A is more tough than B, rather than telling me i can plant anything from lavender to hydrangea in my little garden. Don’t you?

i got this Episcia Cupreata (best known as Daun Perak) from my mother in law, and separate them into 3 hanging containers. Earlier, i did some experiment. i put one of them in my front yard, below a big adenium, so it’s quite shady though the heat is just….gah. The second i hung on a place where reached by direct sunlight, in my backyard and the last one i put on a shady place. It turns out that the one grows best is the third baby! The first twos got their leaves kinda burned, poor ones.
I found this link about how to plant and care for Episcia, hope it’s useful.
So what does it has to do with plant sellers? well, i remember seeing this plant not so long ago and asked where it grows best, and the seller just went with all the you-can-put-it-anywhere thing. On the bright side, this little experiment is fun! Definitely going to do that to some other plants. Or you can even take your kids to make a journal and take notes of the differences. Not toddler like mines, maybe junior or senior high, or….biology students…well…you know what i mean.
Anyway, isn’t that what makes gardening exciting?


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