Any Indonesian Heroes you know, dear?

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November 19, 2013 by Ain Nisa

Last weekend, excitedly i took my kids to an event called Indonesian Heroes, held by Museum Ceria. I dont know much about the organization except that they try to introduce our history in a lighter way to kids. Just by knowing that, i said, i’m in!
The event took place at Museum Keprajuritan, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). It was created as a celebration toward National Heroes Day on 10th november (is that what it called??) My first impression, the place was quite amusing. Full of statues of heroes familiar to us in elementary school, Pattimura, Imam Bonjol, Martha Christina Tiahahu, and so on. But our kids dont know them, so its no surprise when face painting session, instead of Indonesian flag, Khansa asked Sophia the first painted on her arm! LOL!


All in all, the initiative of this kind of event is brilliant. Parents need more ideas like these, to keep our children away from Malls or consumptive places. Its great to try to simplify our history into a chewable version for kids, maybe simply by singing Halo-halo Bandung, or coloring the heroes’ faces and matching it with statues available there. I was just glad to be able to introduce Imam Bonjol to Khansa and Hilwa in a fun way, though what Khansa recall was, “they fight mom? they shoot each other?” (she’s been taught that movies full of shooting scenes wasnt good ones). and we can explain that they had to, because their homes, food, and toys (this one to make it more understandable) was taken by force, and they did it to defend themselves and their people. Thay bravery makes then Heroes.


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