Baby Plants in The Garden

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November 12, 2013 by Ain Nisa

I have written on previous post that i’ve got some new seeds ordered from, they are mint, basil, zinnia and rose balsam. The later twos are flowers. Well several days had passed and they are growing! i know, i know, they SHOULD be growing, cause they are seeds put in proper medium for planting, but it seems so magical to me, who wanders around in my tiny garden more than 3 times a day


I try to be environmentally responsible, by using used milk cans. Pretty saving though, money and time, since i dont always have time to buy fancy containers.


Last weekend, i also spent a perfect sunday afternoon by: hunting new plants! thankfully, i live near to various plant sellers in Graha Raya areas. i’m sure almost every bintaro resident come here to seek new plants or garden accessories. There are lots of choices here. And these are the new comers, i call it krisan flowers and anonymous pretty green-pink leaves. Arent they georgeous? i separated each of them into 2-3 containers, so they can grow bigger, and deep inside, i kinda have one desire to give a lik plant of mine to my guests or family.

Isnt it a lovely gesture to do?




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