Falling in Love with English Garden

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November 4, 2013 by Ain Nisa

I have always thought a meadow is a part of heaven.
Meadow with its tall grass, lavender-like plants and shrubs, dandelions and wildflowers everywhere. And the sky should be soft blue, like when its 7-9 o’clock in the morning. and i wanna be there, standing, waiting for my loved ones. Little hut and roses surrounding its main gate, with edges overflowed by english ivy or other little flowers, something that seems abandoned, but taken care by nature instead.
So when i saw pictures of english gardens, i was stunned and amazed. it was like, part of my imagination comes true.
I try to make one at home, though many european flowers would not grow here in tropical areas, such as hydrangea or dahlias. I try with adenium (Kamboja) though my husband taken aback and comment, “its a haunted plant.” A comment i happily dismissed, because we all know (and i hope its true) is a stereotype. Poor adenium. It may be planted in many cemetery just because they dont have to be watered every day (even watering makes the flowers wont grow). The reason why i bought it is the shape of the branches that crawling to the side, its very dramatic. I put hanging plants on it.

This backyard garden surely need many additions and make overs, im just gathering ideas of what plants suits tropical weater, yet still portray a small english garden. ideas please!
One thing, i love hanging and crawling plants on the wall, but i just cant find the right plant here to make romantic nuance, flowery areas. there are just leaves, shrubs, and succulents. I had just ordered rose balsam seeds, zinnia liliputians, mint, and basil at http://www.bibitbunga.com and they insert some useful guidance there. hope they will grow well.



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