Poem about Dr.Seuss

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April 8, 2013 by Ain Nisa

 i am proud to say this poem is written by a good friend of mine

y dream book is And To Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street.



If I were to meet Dr Seuss, I would grab his hand and pull, until his knuckles are blue-full. But don’t get me wrong since it is not an act of cruel. It is just me, happy to meet him, like a fool.


I shall ask him to get me an air balloon, and we will ride to morning since noon. We shall fly high in the sky, care not to danger that might pry. But, just to keep you at ease, I did prepare a feast. Trust me not to starve, cause we shall snack on cheese-carved.


Up in the air we look down. And we see white birds, yellow turtle, and a cat that is brown. The cat smile and throw us a rat. My, oh my! It’s The Cat In The Hat!


We fly further and leave the cat alone. Since throwing rat is not an attitude to be shown. The wind were so strong and away we blown.


Huff, that’s chilling my bone!


Inside the balloon, sit we were, me and Dr Seuss, sipping warm avocado juice. And I ask, “How could Horton Hears a Who. The Whos are small. Surely, it’s the ability in only a few?”


And he said, “Think and wonder, wonder and think. Because a person’s a person, no matter how small.” I can only stare and blink, since I really can’t recall a wisdom of such ever fall.


Oh, Dr Seuss, so enthrall!


And again we flew, so many things to see, many things to do. So come on, it’s an amazing view.


We continue the journey until morning came. So we land the balloon up in the land of the dame. There we meet the Seven Lady Godivas, all in nude, what a shame!


I remember the story of Lady Godiva and her horse. Riding naked, she has peace to endorse. But it must be cold, especially in snow. So I said, “Why don’t you wear a gown that flow, surely it’ll cover your toe?”


One of them reply, “We can’t dear, we have reputation to show. Now we’re off to eat some jam, cold be damn”.


A pity, pity indeed. “I do wish you could join us Ma’am, and we could all have breakfast with Green Eggs and Ham”.


The clock strike nine and it’s time to leave. I wave good bye and beg for final words to give. Dr Seuss look at me and said, “Thank you, it’s the most fun I had. Don’t get low, and you’ll push away sorrow. Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”


You are are not the Grinch who Stole Christmas, for it was not possible. You are not a green giraffe, that’s palpable.


In this day present, You are you. Now, isn’t that pleasant?


By: Dhanny Tantri



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